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Buy PUBG Mobile UC online now

Are you looking for PUBG Mobile UC to give your character that winning edge? Well, look no further. Just buy this digital gift card from Unknown Cash and you will fight in style and in seconds. Use your new UC balance to get in-game items and add-ons to customize your character. After that, enjoy the free fall of excitement with your new parachute, or introduce a new weapon or access to items and boxes that will help you be the last person to stop!

Get your PUBG gift card code instantly by email

There's no time to waste in Battle Royale, so take advantage of instant email delivery! Find your code in your inbox in seconds, along with instructions for receiving and retrieving. Just choose the unknown amount of money you want and select one of the 61 secure payment options to get your CU fast.

What is the PUBG Unknown Cash Gift Card?

You can use this PUBG gift card to conveniently top up your UC balance without a credit card or bank account. Then spend it all on new looks for weapons, umbrellas, and clothing to customize your personality. You look like a winner, fight like a winner! Features like Lucky Spin and Elite Pass are also available with enough UC credit. In case you haven't played the game before, the unknown in-game currency can be compared to Roblox Robux or League of Legends Riot Points.

Battle on the go with PUBG Mobile

With PUBG Mobile, developed by Tencent Games, play anywhere, anytime. In this mobile version of the extremely popular royale battle royale: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, explore, clear, sneak around, and fight for survival. Play against 100 other players on any Apple or Android device. Just download the free mobile app and play alone or with friends in a combat adventure to the end. Be sure to boost your UC balance with the Gift Card and Battle Style!

What's the difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite?

Mobile Lite is simply a smaller version of the PUBG mobile app. It was developed for use in older or lower configuration devices. They share similar gameplay, but in Lite you'll fight 60 players instead of 100 per game. Maps also vary to accommodate lower drawing requirements. They are separate games, so the accounts and content of each platform do not overlap and cannot be moved.

Does unknown money expire?

Unknown or UC funds do not expire. So use it whenever you want!

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