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How to get UC PUBG Mobile for free with PollPay! At PUBG Mobile, there are many exclusive items offered by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation. Unfortunately, most of these exclusive items can only be obtained in the PUBG Mobile in-game currency called UC.

But for spinners who play PUBG Mobile without wanting to spend a lot of money buying UC, it will be difficult to get an exclusive item that can only be achieved with UC. Many are also looking for ways to get a free UC legally without using illegal software.

This time, Spin Esports will provide interesting information for spinners who want to get exclusive items that can only be obtained from UC without having to spend money to buy UC, but can get UC for free.

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards

First, developers can get free UCs using Google Opinion Rewards, where Google has Opinion Rewards. Spinners just need to install this app and answer the surveys in this app and get credit from Google Play.

This Google Play credit can be purchased later at UC PUBG Mobile, so this is not illegal, but still a legal and allowed method.

2. Using PollPay

The second app that spinners can use to get UC for free is PollPay. Like Google Opinion Rewards, PollPay will then provide surveys that spinners can complete and earn rewards.

Unfortunately, the prize can only be redeemed with Paypal money that UC can buy, so spinners must have Paypal first.
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