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  1. UC is used to buy different items in the game, but the cost is somewhat expensive.
  2.  In this article, we discuss one of the ways to get UC for free on PUBG Mobile.
UC is the in-game currency for PUBG Mobile, which players can use to obtain various items from the store. UC can also be used to purchase a Royal Pass, which provides players with many additional and unique rewards.

The in-game store contains many unique shapes, emotions, fashion combinations, and characters that players can take advantage of. Which means everyone wants to have these items, but to do that they need to use UC. However, not all users can buy a UC (since they need to spend real money buying UC), so they are looking for ways to get the same amount at no cost.

With that in mind, we are discussing a way for players to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Season 14.

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Season 14

To get UC for free, players can use the Rheo app, which is available on the 4.5-star Google Play Store, with more than a million downloads.

What is the Rheo app?

Rheo is an Indian live streaming platform where players can interact with players, play in dedicated rooms, participate in drawings and more. The app offers Rheo coins to view content and interact on the platform. These coins can be used to easily replace UC in PUBG Mobile. It costs 600 Rheo coins to buy 60 UC, 3000 coins to buy 325 UC, etc.

Users can get a card by watching a 10-minute stream, as well as an additional scratch card if they log in for seven consecutive days. Players can collect free coins only by logging into the app daily. You should have now concluded that this method provides a UC, but it is somewhat slow since it takes about a month to get a UC.

In this case, the players can participate in the designated rooms created by the signage and emerge victorious, fulfilling all the conditions that they establish. This is a faster way to earn a free UC, as Rheo Coin winners are rewarded.
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