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pubgf.com is one of the best and most famous and official official sites and sources to ship the game PUBG Mobile for free today, and transfer uc via id free for all players of the famous PUBG game, already that this site allows you to collect thousands of free UC as a unified gift that all players get without exception , the gift of free UC consists of 1,500 UC to 9,500 UC and sometimes up to 16,800 UC, depending on the player's country (which means that the site offers each player the ability to collect thousands of free UC on a regular basis). Guaranteed and safe and you will not need to buy UC and pay more money later), and this is done with the simplest steps that help players get new resources and additions in the PUBG game that many players have long dreamed of, such as PUBG clothes, skins, weapons, dances and boxes from PUBG in addition to Free shipping for seasons in PUBG and many special add-ons that the player will get through this UC that the site offers you.

Before we start, is it possible to convert uc to id for free from pubgf.com?
Yes, of course, through the official website pubgf.com, which allows players to get thousands of free UC exclusively and 100% legally. Through the hands to pass UC, and each player has the right to get this one-time gift in a foolproof and simple way that we will explain in the next few lines.

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pubgf.com | uc pubg mobile free 16.800 UC

pubgf.com convert uc to id free

There is no doubt that many PUBG Mobile players are looking for the easiest ways to charge PUBG Mobile for free to get the special in-game add-ons that every player dreams about, especially activating the Royale Pass (PUBG Season) subscription, which contains many and many wonderful add-ons that give the player elegance Distinguished from the rest of the players while playing the game such as skins, luxury cars, dances, colorful weapons and other things that help players raise their rating within the game and win continuously over your opponents and get many free gifts and rewards after completing the required tasks easily so players need to charge uc, And we will learn how to get it for free from pubgf.com and transfer uc for free without spending money or any cost at all.

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How to charge uc free pubg mobile from pubgf.com

It is very important to be a fan and player of PUBG Mobile (you need UC PUBG Mobile), but this time you will be able to get it for free and with the simplest steps, as a gift from pubgf.com by following these steps well:

  • The first step is to enter the pubgf.com official website link (from here).
  • Enter your PUBG ID number.
  • Then choose the type of operating system used to play the PUBG game (for example: Android - iPhone - iPad - Windows).
  • Then click (Continue).
  • Then choose the amount of UC you want to send to your PUBG account, (the site allows you to convert UC PUBG from 1500 UC to 9500 UC for free) and sometimes up to 16800 UC depending on the country of the player.
  • Then click Continue again.
  • Please wait a while for the site to finish preparing the UC PUBG you requested.
  • Then click (Check Now).
  • The site will ask you to complete one or two offers to activate your phone and get 16800 UC PUBG free.
  • After completing the above steps, uc will be transferred by id free for you.
  • our end! UC pubg has been successfully sent to you from pubgf.com (Please launch the game and verify your account).



It is mentioned that uc converter via id for free from pubgf.com is one of the best and easiest ways that PUBG Mobile is charging this year, helping gamers to get thousands of free UC and up to 16800 UC without paying money. Or effort, as gift offers, the site is available to all players by simply requesting it from within the site and entering the ID to be transferred to UC PUBG Mobile with the simplest legal steps explained to you step by step at the top of the article, so that players can charge UC PUBG Mobile and buy all addons and content In-game for PUBG mobile skins and weapons, it is recommended to use the great pubgf com for PUBG Mobile Shipment as it is the only honest and secure PUBG ID Shipment site and is used by millions of gamers till date for PUBG Shipment.

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